Macula Society Research Grant (MSRG) Program

The purpose of the MSRG program is to provide funding for clinically relevant research in macular or retinal vascular diseases. Pilot projects with the potential to obtain additional external funding and projects coordinating the efforts of the general membership are preferred. Projects that already receive or are expected to receive $50,000 or more from other sources are not eligible for the Macula Society Research Grant Program. Members who received a research grant in the past three years are not eligible.

The funding of a proposal is determined by the Research Committee depending on several criteria: (i) the project design, (ii) the project feasibility, (iii) the project significance. Each proposal's evaluation is then be presented to the Executive Committee and distribution of the final funding determined.

The Macula Society is pleased to announce that we will be able to fund FIVE (5) proposals in 2023 from the following partnerships:

The Mills and Margaret Cox Macula Society Research Project sponsored by the Retina Research Foundation
We have one grant this year available to support research endeavors of the members of the Macula Society. Retina Research Foundation generously supports one grant of $30k. 

Macula Society/International Retinal Research Foundation Award (Inaugural Year)

We are awarding FOUR (4) $35,000 Research Grants through funds matched between The Macula Society and the International Retinal Research Foundation.

Members are encouraged to submit one grant proposal ONLY (for the sole Mills and Margaret Cox Macula Society Research Project and the 4 grants available through the IRRF partnership)  and the committee will then decide if it is funded/awarded with Cox or IRRF fund

The Jack McGovern Coats' Disease Foundation and Macula Society Partnership Research Grant

Separately from the opportunities above, The Jack McGovern Goat's Disease Foundation and Macula Society Research Grant (JMCDF/MSRG) Partnership Grant supports medical research specific to Coats’ Disease and other retinal diseases which may lead to a cure or improve treatments and understanding of the pathophysiology for Coats’ Disease.  The Foundation encourages research and, when applicable, collaboration among researchers working in the area of Coats’ Disease. The grant is $35,000 distributed at one time.

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