Dear Macula Society International Members,

The Macula Society welcomes Lihteh Wu, MD, as our newly elected International Member Representative.

The International Committee of the Macula Society encourages collaboration, networking and exchange between US and international members of the Society. We support the mission of the Society by supporting and promoting best clinical practices, innovative research and training of retinal specialists globally. We encourage all qualified retinal specialists internationally to join the Macula Society and participate in joint international retinal conferences and symposiums.



Dr. Wu's International Committee Newsletter

The Berlin Meeting of the 45th Annual Macula Society meeting was a resounding success.

The committee’s role in reviewing abstract submissions from investigators whose abstracts have been selected for presentation and are wishing to be considered for the International Travel Grant.

The members of the prior International Committee (2020-2022) chaired by Robyn Guymer proposed an International Lecture (along similar lines to the Young Member Mentor Lecture) where an international luminary gives a chat to the international memebers on how to manage in a research world from outside the US and have a speaker and a panel just talk about how they made that work from outside US.

The bylaws 4.13 state that

" International Committee –The International Committee shall be responsible for promoting the recruitment and active participation of international members and will foster collaboration between the society and other international organizations."

In our view, the Macula Society has been sort of passive in this regard. At times the Macula Society has been invited to participate in other meetings like Euretina and then the Executive Committee organizes a symposium where the speakers usually pay their own way. The Executive Committee upon review agreed that perhaps those invitations should be managed by the International Committee. Furthermore since many in the membership are involved in the leeadership of other organizations (ie Pan American VR Society, Pan American Association of Ophthalmology, Euretina, Asia Pacific VR Society, Asia Pacific Academy of Ophthalmology etc) perhaps the Macula Society could be present in more meetings and gain more visibility internationally.

Our committe also tackled how could we promote the recruitment of international members? It was mentioned that we should encourage our international membership, particularly those in the committee, to try to identify potential international members and encourage them to apply.

The International Committee continues to look for new ideas to foster collaboration, networking and exchange between US and international members of the Society. Please reach out to any of us if you have ideas or questions.


Lihteh Wu

International Committee



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