Dear Macula Society Member,

For this year’s annual meeting, you will be able to submit either a Case Conference Presentation OR a Scientific Presentation. After you make your selection below, please pay careful attention to the specific information and space limitations for your chosen submission type. 

If you encounter any problems during the submission process, please use the red "Support" button at the bottom of the submission pages to alert us immediately.

Once the Portal is OPEN, Please Follow These Instructions To Submit Your Abstract

  1. Click the button to Start A New Abstract
  2. Click "Start Abstract"
  3. At a minimum, you will need the Title, the appropriate Session, Objective and then complete the Abstract section, which is 350 total words for Purposes, Methods, Results, and Conclusions.
  4. Submit the Abstract
  5. Invite any co-authors
** This year, you will be notified by Cleveland Clinic, our CME Accreditation partner, to complete a Financial Discosure form AFTER you have submitted your abstract.  You may be required to submit an Attestation as well.

For Case Conference Presentation submissions, please make your best effort to choose an imaginative title that does not reveal the final diagnosis. You will still need to provide an abstract with sufficient details regarding your case (including the diagnosis) for the Annual Meeting Program Committee’s review, but this additional information will not be published prior to the meeting.

For Scientific Presentation submissions, the Annual Meeting Program Committee may accept your submission as a Paper or Rapid Fire Paper based on the topic and other submissions received.

Due to time limitations, some Case Conference or Scientific submissions may not be accepted for the final program. As always, plan on submitting your favorite and best work for consideration.

The Abstract Submission Portal will close at 11:59pm EST October 20th, 2023. No submissions will be accepted after this time.

Notification on the status of your submission will be sent by email (early November).

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